BETA: Delos

ALPHA: Wade Manis aka Phoenix

My boy name is Phoenix. I joined the LVBoL in June 2017 and became a full member in October 2017. Since joining I have learned more about myself then I ever thought possible. I got my first taste of the Leather community in June 2000, when I attended my first ever Pride. I was watching the parade in Salt Lake City. when the guy I was dating said here comes the Meat Truck. I had no idea what he meant until I seen all those Leather clad men. I was hooked. within a few short years I got my first pieces of Leather. started hanging out in leather bars. but never really felt like part of the community. It wasn’t until joining this group of amazing people that I really started to dive into the community. I forced myself to overcome all of my self doubt, shyness and worrying about what others thought. We aren’t just a group of Leather Boys. We are Family and these *boys* have been there for me anytime I have needed it. I look forward to the many years of brotherhood, friendship and family.

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