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Say hello to the Las Vegas boys of Leather Board!

boy Fido



Hi there, I’m boy Fido. The new alpha boy for the Las Vegas boys of Leather. If anyone  had asked me what leather means I would tell them.. brotherhood and balance.. but you’re not everybody else. You’re here to find out about me. To me leather is a sensual look but the emotional meaning is much deeper. For one it’s the smell of a warm summer night. It’s the embodiment of sexual desires and the relationships of respect and adoration. It’s respect all around with the want of submissiveness, the want of domination and the want to be a better person. It’s a connection between people who draws their energy from each other. Leather is personal for everyone. Everyone has their own levels of comfort. For me there’s a sexual energy passed thru the touching of the harness, the strips of a flogger, the total trust of the blindfold. I don’t just Leather with anyone. It has to be a kindred spirit. Two souls connecting. The brotherhood of excitement, lust, passion, respect in every touch, in every word, in every beating, in every  thrust, for a moment we become one. boy, Sir, pup,Daddy, slave or Master. It’s an erotic scene summed up in respect and pleasure for all the people present. I like connecting to others no matter the level. The rules make it safe and consensual. Respect for the rules makes it worth it.  Those who take the time to talk, who teach, who learn, who for that brief moment in time are yours and you’re theirs. Are the gems that keep my harness ready and polished. And then we continue as friends, without jealousy and contention. Having a deep understanding of each other and how life’s lived. Leather is more than community it’s more than a lifestyle to me leather is my purity, my poetry, my song.

This organization has offered me the opportunity to be a brother in Leather. To help those in need and raise money for charity. We are there for one another as well. I’m not a title holder, I’ve only been active in the leather community a few years. But I get it, and it gets me. I found a home here and I invite all to join in brotherhood.

Yours in Leather,
boy Fido






Hi, I’m Josh. I have been a resident of Las Vegas, NV since January 2013, and first met the Las Vegas boys of Leather about a year later, in spring of 2014.  Professionally, I have had a long career in Hotel Finance, which ultimately brought myself and Cody, my Husband of almost 11 years, to Las Vegas.  Cody is a pup; I have the good fortune to be his handler.

I had my first introduction to the Leather Community in the late ‘90s while vacationing in Ft. Lauderdale.  Overcoming the negative stereotypes that were incorrectly put in my head by people now long in my past, I walked into the Ft. Lauderdale Eagle, where I immediately felt a welcoming Brotherhood among the patrons accepting me just as I was in that moment – a place where I was immediately comfortable and felt right at home.

My core values, values which I will fight for at all costs, are integrity and inclusion.  Integrity is always being true to both yourself and your word.  My word is my bond – I will never deviate from that.  Inclusion is about accepting (wherever possible) people as they are “today” in their lives and welcoming the opportunity to introduce them to the Brotherhood which runs deep within the Leather and Fetish community.  Inclusion requires respect.

For those new to the Leather and Fetish community and want to learn more, I believe everyone becomes stronger when we expand our horizons and grow the community which we can call our family.

Yours in Brotherhood,


Sergeant at Arms


I am a 24/7 slave to Master Peter since Sept. 15 1998
I am a extension of my  Master.  I am His slave and property and very proud of that fact.
This fact  does not mean I am a door mat or that I will gladly do anything some other top  or Master orders me to do.
I obey one man  100% of the time. All other men, are a option.
I am a switch in play but a bottom in sex  I thrive on male sexual energy.  I get off on the touching of male flesh.
I have a dark personality , not evil just Dark. I was a called Macabre when I was young.
I have been into the gay Leather scene since I was 24 starting with a phone add I saw in a male mag.(still have)
I called and with in a month a Master was at my doorstep.
He came in and found me exactly as He wanted. no lights on just a few candles and me naked and on my knees.
I was to see His boots and drop flat and start licking the boots.
The starting of my boot worship fetish.  For a few years I was His property and was trained to be a gay leather sex slave.
I was taught how He wanted to be serviced sexually and learned Leather history as well as the chores around his home.
I still traveled but when ever Master had 2 or more days off He would call me and ask where I was and what was the nearest airport is to far to drive.
He had to relocate to New York for a very important career change and would be busy for over 6 months getting all settled and I was released to grow and continue my leather path He was so great to start me on.
I am the last of the original members of the Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas –
LUC of LV has been going strong since Oct 10th 1998 as a Pan-sexual Leather club. I was honored when asked to be the 1st President.
I was awarded the titles of Mr Cobalt Leather 2003 and Mr Sin City Leather in 2005
I helped bring the Las Vegas Mentors programs to Nevada
in 2009  and the Las Vegas sub-Mentors   here 2011.
In 2013 I helped form the Las Vegas boy’s of Leather.
I have mentored a few boys and a slave as well while on my Leather journey