I am a 24/7 slave to Master Peter since Sept. 15 1998
I am a extension of my  Master.  I am His slave and property and very proud of that fact.
This fact  does not mean I am a door mat or that I will gladly do anything some other top  or Master orders me to do.
I obey one man  100% of the time. All other men, are a option.
I am a switch in play but a bottom in sex  I thrive on male sexual energy.  I get off on the touching of male flesh.
I have a dark personality , not evil just Dark. I was a called Macabre when I was young.
I have been into the gay Leather scene since I was 24 starting with a phone add I saw in a male mag.(still have)
I called and with in a month a Master was at my doorstep.
He came in and found me exactly as He wanted. no lights on just a few candles and me naked and on my knees.
I was to see His boots and drop flat and start licking the boots.
The starting of my boot worship fetish.  For a few years I was His property and was trained to be a gay leather sex slave.
I was taught how He wanted to be serviced sexually and learned Leather history as well as the chores around his home.
I still traveled but when ever Master had 2 or more days off He would call me and ask where I was and what was the nearest airport is to far to drive.
He had to relocate to New York for a very important career change and would be busy for over 6 months getting all settled and I was released to grow and continue my leather path He was so great to start me on.
I am the last of the original members of the Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas –
LUC of LV has been going strong since Oct 10th 1998 as a Pan-sexual Leather club. I was honored when asked to be the 1st President.
I was awarded the titles of Mr Cobalt Leather 2003 and Mr Sin City Leather in 2005
I helped bring the Las Vegas Mentors programs to Nevada
in 2009  and the Las Vegas sub-Mentors   here 2011.
In 2013 I helped form the Las Vegas boy’s of Leather.
I have mentored a few boys and a slave as well while on my Leather journey