Hi, I’m Josh. I have been a resident of Las Vegas, NV since January 2013, and first met the Las Vegas boys of Leather about a year later, in spring of 2014.  Professionally, I have had a long career in Hotel Finance, which ultimately brought myself and Cody, my Husband of almost 11 years, to Las Vegas.  Cody is a pup; I have the good fortune to be his handler.

I had my first introduction to the Leather Community in the late ‘90s while vacationing in Ft. Lauderdale.  Overcoming the negative stereotypes that were incorrectly put in my head by people now long in my past, I walked into the Ft. Lauderdale Eagle, where I immediately felt a welcoming Brotherhood among the patrons accepting me just as I was in that moment – a place where I was immediately comfortable and felt right at home.

My core values, values which I will fight for at all costs, are integrity and inclusion.  Integrity is always being true to both yourself and your word.  My word is my bond – I will never deviate from that.  Inclusion is about accepting (wherever possible) people as they are “today” in their lives and welcoming the opportunity to introduce them to the Brotherhood which runs deep within the Leather and Fetish community.  Inclusion requires respect.

For those new to the Leather and Fetish community and want to learn more, I believe everyone becomes stronger when we expand our horizons and grow the community which we can call our family.

Yours in Brotherhood,